Thursday, 16 June 2011

The Piano Stairs

This was a comment I wrote after posting this video on FB on Nov 2009, about the crazy possibility of having those same smart stairs in Egypt!

"First of all, the soldier will have 12 hour shifts and his uniform will never be clean or ironed. Then by the 3rd day, the "smart" people in the government will think of how they can make money out of these stairs; so 2 koshks will be available on both ends for tickets and they will never have fakka, and of course it will cost 5 L.E and 35 Piasters!
By the end of the 1st week, newspaper guys, beggars and kolla boys will be sharing the pavement around the stairs.

The second week will start with electricity problems, some of the lamps are burnt because Osta Zakaria decided to keep some money for himself; to pay for his kids' private lessons (magmou3at el takweya el mesa2eyya) and used the cheapest light bulbs in the market, and of course, before anything, they went KABOOOUUUM !@#?$x*
THEN, they close it for maintenance for 7 weeks, just to change the burnt out light bulbs (17 out of the 20)

Then they will have a party for the reopening, where Tamer Hosny will perform while dancing on the mid concert, the girls and the boys will go completely crazy after inhaling a combination of cars exhaust from the busy surrounding streets and smoke coming out from trucks spraying insecticides (that are still driving around Cairo's streets today) and will end up by destroying the stairs, killing Tammoura and EATING HIM!

Hm....Don't u think it's better they stayed "unilluminated"?

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