Sunday, 26 June 2011

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A few years ago, I decided that since I get so many e-mails of lots and lots of videos it would be fun to save them in one big and dandy file. One more side of me: The Collector. Over the years, I have collected stamps, coins, matches, small alcohol bottles, Harley Davidson Zippos, Coca Cola cans/bottles. "Why?!" Very few people dared to ask. Hmmm, well...I'm not too sure, I just did and it felt good. I remember a far distant childhood memory about a special attraction and fascination to most collections of stuff, and the example of "hammers" almost automatically comes to mind. I had an French alphabet little book and the M had a marteau with a drawing of a hammer. Seeing different versions later, also called hammers intrigued my 4 year old fresh mind, until I grasped the concept of grouping alike items in something called: Collection...With the french accent; a very familiar word while growing up. Somehow the idea amused me.

So having said that, the idea of collecting videos was actually quite catchy. Let alone the sharing capabilities that aren't available with all the non-digital possessions. The concept of sharing or displaying was very much related to its physical being, meaning you have to be there to see a specific collection or item. The cyber world has changed all that, and through a few clicks or "touch screen" the world is as far as your fingers can stretch, and the Universe is the limit. Kiddie porn is not cool so don't go there because you'll be traced and they'll come get you and you have to live with being a sex offender and you'll be marked online with address and picture for your whole neighborhood to see. Yes, a registered one. OK, so rephrasing; the Universe's the limit - (minus) the kiddie porn.

I love how Google suggestions are now becoming so useful, for me at least. I was out today and was using the urinals in the bathroom, and there were those cubes they put inside to deodorize and disinfect which made me automatically think of those flies they have all over their urinals in Amsterdam airport and around the city, probably in other countries around too, since a success story in one of Europe's nations rationally moves to another in a smart display of human adjustment and constant betterment. Anyways, I decided that I will research those flies and find out about the reason they exist. Even though I think I had a conversation about it before and already knew the reason. Less than 35 seconds on google and bam! To Reduce Spillage. How and Why not love Technology?

I've always been  full of questions. As a kid I would stare at a buildings and ask myself how many people are having sex right now or how many girls were masturbating, yes those were the hormonal teenage years when boys are constantly horny. Speaking of which, a friend told me that her 16-year old son made a pass on her 34 year old big-boobed blonde friend who's such a party animal that if a stranger offered her coke to blow from his unwashed asshole, she would gladly get her straw out, flip the guy over, sniff the powder and ask for more. Yes, I've trademarked this expression 10 years ago, it was exactly explaining who she was, and it took my friends' agreeing stamp. Yippy!

So, the number of videos downloaded and saved kept ridiculously growing and I always knew that I would want to use them somehow. Started a little with Facebook, I recently got 2 videos removed and received a couple of e-mails from the F.B peeps talking about copyright and how it might be an alleged video or audio copyright violation. And "if we are wrong then please click on this link" which didn't happen since of course the videos were not mine. Later, and with the blog coming up, I thought it would be a good place to share this bizarre variety. One of the main folders is called WTF! Where some people shoot themselves on cam, other about some Africans thrown in the fire by the village as some kind of punishment, a real special treat for the faint of heart. Oh, and a clip of a man being eaten by a lion in front of his own family during a safari. Oh, oh, and another involving a caged lion and a poor, poor man - or what's left from him.

In a tad bit more than a shiny Mediterranean nutshell, a wide variety of jaw-dropping footage
will be ready to be watched and enjoyed on this very blog. I'm still learning the abc doremi blogging know-how to figure out the best way to display all video categories in a simple, civilized manner.

OK, enough intro. Eggspect the unexpected, I say! I think I'm really enjoying this. Oh yeah, and I will be teaming them with my usual comments, experiences and personal theories, realizations, rambling, ranting and raving. Well, this is my virtual diary after all; my safe humble joie de vivre, with no big brother watching over like those F.B suckers. Well, Big Brother is everywhere but I believe the freedom one has here is more than those social media sites.

Anyways, let's do this. Enjoy the videos and the rest of the stuff.

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